Day 4 – 30 June 2014

Uno fun has begun

Uno fun has begun

: 7 out of our 11 bags came in today!! Yay!!! Hopefully the last 4 will come in on Tuesday night’s flight

Today was a busy day stuck in the car for most of it. We drove to the airport in the morning because 7 of our 11 bags came in finally. We had to search through a mountain of luggage…well mama did while Callen and I had ice cream because they would only let one of us back in the baggage claim area. After she dug out 7 bags we loaded up Said’s van and headed to Jinja side.

We stopped in Mabirya for some take out…now when I say Ugandan take out, it means pulling the car over while the roadside vendors rush over showing you the cold drinks, chapatti and chicken on a stick they have to sell. We got some chicken and chapatti which is delicious.

We got to Jinja around 5pm I was excited for David, my Ugandan big brother to come home from work and I was waiting to surprise him, but instead he snuck in on us and surprised us. It was so good to see him I miss him so much.

We hopped on a boda boda (a motorcycle taxi) and headed into town to get some food for the house. It was Callen’s first time on a boda and she did great.

After we got back we played Uno with David…its kind of our thing to play every night usually David loses and the more he loses the funnier it gets, but this time he won all 3 games! He’s obviously been practicing since we were here last.

Well…tomorrow will be a busy day so sula bulunge!

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