Playing tic-tac-toe with Gloria

Playing tic-tac-toe with Gloria

Today we visited Aketo Wanga gloria, one of the gorgeous girls I sponsor, at her boarding school in Katende. We brought her a present with crayons, a coloring book, a dress, sweets and a stuffed bear. I always love seeing the look on her face when she sees me, one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. She showed me around the school, we colored and I taught her how to play tic-tac-toe.

The head master is always so nice to let me come and visit and to let Gloria spend a couple of hours with me, even though she is missing class. She is growing so big, she is almost as tall as me now. I’m pretty sure she will be taller by the next time I see her.

My beautiful Gloria

My beautiful Gloria

We sat and shared many laughs with Santina, our driver Michael and one of Gloria’s teachers. The hardest part is when it comes time for the “see you laters” and Gloria’s eyes fill with tears, its so hard to watch her walk away.

Love these girls...Sheila, Teddy and Gloria

Love these girls…Sheila, Teddy and Gloria

The school is about a hour away from the Acholi Quarter, I love driving through all the different towns. Some people may think its dirty and run down, but all I see when I look is beauty. The people, the places….everything!

On our way back we stopped at the market to buy some supplies, like a giant saucepan and cups for the feeding program. It’s always fun to go to the market and bargain for the price. It was so crowded and traffic was crazy.

When we got back to the guesthouse we met with Daniel, he is a Ugandan videographer/photographer who will be spending some time with me taking pictures and videos while we are at the feeding program and sponsorship program. I’m really excited to see what he will capture!

Such a fun day! Sula bulunge!

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