Today we went to visit the Acholi Quarter and watch our feeding program at work. We feed over 300 children! It was so great to see the children’s faces as they took their porridge and filled their empty tummies.

We met with our staff there and talked about the program. We started the program one year ago with feeding 50 children. It quickly grew to 100 then after 6 months it was 250 children. Now we are going to increase it to 350 children. We have 2 amazing cooks…Agnes and Helen who run the whole program! They are hard working, amazing women.

I got to visit with three of my sponsored children…Lydia, Marmot and Gabriel. They have all grown so much in the past year.

We also started handing out some of the pillowcase dresses that we collected from amazing ladies around the United States. I love seeing the girls faces when they have a new pretty dress to wear…their smiles tell it all.


Mallory and Hellen, one of our cooks


The cups are lined up and ready for the kids


My beautiful Lydia


He’s a stinker, but he’s mine…love you Marmot


I love giving out dresses to the girls


Hellen and Agnes, our two rockstar cooks

Its so good to be back home..jet lag is hitting pretty hard, we only got 3 hours of sleep so we are off to bed….sula bulunge (sleep well!)DSC04392 DSC04396 DSC04441 DSC04450

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