Mallory speaking in the "well"

Mallory speaking in the “well”

On March 17th, we headed to Nashville to the State Capital. I was being awarded a House Joint Resolution on the floor of the House of Representatives. It was really neat walking through the halls of the original state capital, past the Senate chambers and to the House chambers, so much history has happened there.

We waited outside the doors until the Sergeant of Arms announced for us to enter. As we walked through the doors into the beautiful chamber, people were standing and clapping. We walked up the aisle to the “well” which is the podium that is in the front of the chamber, in front of where the Speaker of the House stands. I didn’t even realize it until we reached the front that they were clapping for me. All these politicians, their staff and others were clapping for me. It was pretty cool.

When we reached the front, the Speaker of the House asked the clerk to read the resolution. It talked about my work with Project Yesu and what I had done for the children of Uganda. After the clerk read the resolution, Representative Pitts said a few words. Then I had the chance to say something. It was kind of funny, Rep. Pitts had to pull out a step from behind the podium so I could reach the microphone. I got a chance to say thank you for the honor and to thank Rep. Pitts for his support.

House Speaker Beth Harwell, Rep. Tidwell, Rep. Pitts, Mallory, Rory (mom), Connor (boyfriend), Rep. Johnson and Fernando (Dad)

House Speaker Beth Harwell, Rep. Tidwell, Rep. Pitts, Mallory, Rory (mom), Connor (boyfriend), Rep. Johnson and Fernando (Dad)

I met Representative Pitts back in November, when he and his wife came to our Orphan Luncheon. He is a really nice man, and really cares about the people he serves. He went above and beyond to honor me, and make me feel like my work is appreciated. I am very thankful to Rep. Pitts for his support.

I also got to meet Rep. Tidwell and Rep. Curtis who also represent my county. After the presentation we went and sat upstairs in the gallery. It was really cool to see my government in action, and to see live and in person things I read about in textbooks.


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