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Some of the dresses they made

Back in January I went to my first ever “Sit and Sew” and met an amazing group of ladies who were helping make pillowcase dresses for the girls in Uganda.  Never could I imagine what started that night…but 4 months later I was invited to the Clarksville Sewing Center. When I arrived some of the ladies were there, I sat down and they started bringing piles and piles of dresses and shorts that they had made. In four months they made 175 dresses and 78 pairs of shorts. Three different groups of ladies who get together to sew participated, there were around 50 ladies in all.

photo 1They had a beautiful cake made for me with dresses and shorts all around it. They made dresses and shorts of all different sizes, patterns and materials. Each one cuter, and prettier then the next. It was amazing to see.

me & Ms. Lauranette

me & Ms. Lauranette

This all started when Ms. Lauranette read an article about me in the newspaper, she felt God telling her, “you can help, you can sew” from there she contacted me and asked if she could help. She is so amazing, and tells everyone my story. She’s even sponsoring one of the children in our sponsorship program!

I can’t wait to pack up all the dresses and take them to Uganda. to see the smiles on the girls faces when they get a new dress, and the boys when they get some new britches –  I’m even more excited to come back and share with the ladies photos of the chidden in their dresses so they can see how happy all their hard work made the children.

These amazing ladies are changing lives in Uganda, one stitch at a time!

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