Mali and Lydia

Mali and Lydia

When the children in the Acholi Quarter return to school in February, we will be starting feeding program that will feed between 50-100 children breakfast each weekday before they go to school. When Mallory was in the Acholi Quarter, she learned that many of the children were going to school hungry each day. Many parents have to leave early in the morning to find work to earn money to support their families, and many times children are left with little to food in the morning. She had heard many stories about studies done here in the United States about the importance of a good breakfast and the ties to learning and better performance in school. She thought to herself, “Don’t my kids deserve the same in Uganda?” and that is when the feeding program came to be. We talked with Ayaa Grace, our main contact in the Acholi Quarter, and the breakfast program is something she had been wanting to start for some time, knowing the importance and benefits for the children. So when the children go back to school in February they will be able to get a nutritious breakfast before they go to school.

The cost to support this program is $400 a month that is less then 30¢ a day per child.

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