Update! Our 30 in 30 campaign ran from September 1st – 30th during that time 19 of our 30 children were sponsored! NINETEEN! Thats incredible! But that also means we still have 11 of our original kids, who have been waiting for almost 2 years for a sponsor…you can still change their lives by clicking here!

Its back to school time, and we want our friends in Musima to be able to go back to school too! September 1st will kick off our “30 in 30” campaign…30 days in September to find sponsors for the 30 children who have been waiting for a sponsor for almost 2 years now!

We need YOU! Help us spread the word..share it on Facebook…tweet it out…post it to Instagram! Tell all your friends and family!

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We started our sponsorship program in November 2013 with 114 children in the program…today 84 of them have sponsors…that means 30 of my friends are not able to do something that I do everyday…go to school and get an education! Plus we have another 136 kids on the waiting list to join our program…I need YOU! They need YOU!

What does it mean to sponsor a child?

It means you step up and say I choose YOU! You select one of my friends from our website…maybe its a boy, or a girl…maybe you share the same birth month or you just love their smile…whatever captures your heart! Then you sign up to pay $32 a month (or $384 a year) and your new friend gets to go to school and get an amazing education…its a simple decision that will change their life…and here’s a secret…YOURS too!

You’ll have the opportunity to write letters back and forth to your sponsor child, you’ll learn about them, their life,their family and they’ll get to learn about you. You’ll hear how excited and proud they are to have a sponsor..someone who lives thousands of miles away but still loves them and cares for them. You’ll also receive report cards each term so you can see how well your sponsor child is doing in school! And you’ll get photos and updates throughout the year!

I know $32 a month is a lot, but its just a little over $1 a day! Think about what you did today…what did you spend $1 on? How about yesterday?

So…ready to change the life of a child? Click here to see photos of the children who are just waiting to “meet” you!

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